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SSI/Teen Health Empowerment Study

The Safer Sex Intervention (SSI) Teen Health Empowerment Study is an individualized skills-building program designed with teens in mind! It offers an opportunity for young women, just like yourself, to speak privately and confidentially with a Health Educator (somebody like an older friend or someone you can trust), but who is trained in providing medically-accurate information on sex. Some of the teens like to call them “Sexperts” for short.

The Safer Sex Intervention is great because it also allows you to have access to the Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, Inc. Health Centers for medical services pertaining to your sexual health. Often times young women decide to use us for birth control, our FREE condoms and STI/STD testing and treatments. Our Health Centers do all sorts of things to help you stay healthy!

So when are you setting your appointment with us? Call us at 321-247-8811.


Need to meet with a TeensRISE! member? Call us at 321-247-8811 for Safer Sex or 321-247-8608 for SIHLE.


Got questions and need answers? Connect with us on your terms. TEXT us when and if you need us. TEXT “TRISE” to 77948.


You can email us too! Email us your question or concern anytime: connect@teensrise.org

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